Kitaria Necosteri

The Necosteri's only daughter, sent away from the family at an early age to train as a mage.


Born noble, socerers aprentice, socerer, ranger

Perception 5 Will 4

Power 4 Forte 6 Agil 4 Speed 3

Read 2 Write 2 Symbology 1 Socery 5 Enchantement 3 Tracking 2 Forest wise 2 Foraging 2 Demonology 2 Summoning 3

Health 5 Reflexes 4 Mortal wound 11 Steel 5

Traits: Perfectionist, Aura of innocence, Dreamer,

Resources: Leather armour, Shoes, Travelling gear, Finery, Parchement + writing implements,

Magic: White fire, Offering to darkness, The Pact, The Fear, Water elemental, Fire elemental,


Like her brothers, Kitaria grew up in their families palace. Far more like her older sibling than the younger she had little interests in duelling or fighting. However unlike her brother she was gifted and spent her time studying and perfecting the art of magic rather than the intricacies of the social graces. However much like her second brother Vervesio she was sent to the Imperial college as an adolescent wherein she mastered the arts of summoning. Her time spent in research at the colleges library led her to believe that somewhere in this world was located the source of all magic.

She travelled the world looking for the source, encountering many cultures and races, including the aloof elves whom she took a great interest in. So far her leads have failed her and she is still unsuccessful in her search, she now returns home to meet with her family who she hasn’t seen for over a year.

Kitaria Necosteri

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