Vervesio Alonso Necosteri

the second son of the Necosteri family, a professional soldier who has recently returned from battles in the west.


Born noble, sorcerers apprentice, sorcerer, knight.

perception:5 will:4

power: 5 forte: 5 agility: 4 speed: 4

health: 3 reflexes: 4 mortal wound: 10 steel: 5

socerery 5, swords 5, shields 3, torture 3, read 3, scribe 3, ride 3,

Traits: fearless, alert.

resources: finery, shoes, horse, mail, RoM sword+shield,

Magic: the chocking hand, the fear, fire fan, fire walker, witch key (4)

beliefs: all non-humans are untrustworthy, The Mages college know what’s best for the country, I do not like the power & influence the church has.

Instincts: I must stop try to stop my brother from doing anything rash when angry, distrust other races + Lanisters, (muscle memory) parry to grabs,


Vervesio grew up in the house palace, but spent far more time on the duelling field than in the library as his other brother did. At an early age he was found to hold his families affinity for magic and was sent to the Imperial College to train his skills. He trained as a warrior-wizard and when he finished his training he signed up for the House Army

In 757 Vervesio was shipped out for the fateful war against the invading orkish hordes wherein he was betrayed by his allies the Elves, the Dwarves and worst of all by his own kind the Lanisters. From this point onwards he has harboured hatred for non humans; and especially the Lanisters

Vervesio now returns home from this failed campaign seeking a new start.

Vervesio Alonso Necosteri

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