Riazo Necosteri

The heir to the Necosteri throne, a righteous nobleman


Born Noble, Student, Court lawyer, Captain, Courtier

Perception 5 Will 6 Agility 4 Speed 3 Forte 4 Power 4

Health 5 Reflexes 4 Mortal wound 10

High etiquette 2 Read/write 6 Oratory 3 Etiquette 1 Inconspicuous 3 Persuasion 5 Observation 2 Law 3 Daggers 3 Command 2 Sword 3 Ride 3 Shield 2

Traits: Rash, Dreamer, Quick-witted, Proud, Rapier Wit, Slippery

Resources: hidden blades, finery + peasant clothes, horse, message writing equipment, quilted armour, 2 body guards (Will+Alistair).

Affiliations and Contacts: mechanics guild, influencial engineer

Beliefs: enlightement is a better than religion, our family know what’s best for the nation as we are the most enlightened, justice should always be served.

Instincts: always distrust the highly pious, always defend yours and your families honour, always work to make sure justice is served.


Riazo was the first child of Jolvaldo and Savina. Raised in the house palace Riazo showed great aptitude for debate and reason, spending much of his time in the library or lock in furious debate with his tutors. However sadly (or some may say luckily) Riazo is the only member of Jovaldo blood line to not inherit the touch of her magic. So rather than leaving for the imperial college with his brother and sister he was educated in the ways of politics and leadership at home.

During his political training he discovered corruption and injustice, disgusted by these ideals he became a court lawyer so he may exact justice. Some years later his father worried with Riazo’s image as weak he sent him off to a military role on one of the border cities, captain of the guard, safe but character building. After serving his minimum stretch he returned back to the courts and now works to advance his family position.

Riazo Necosteri

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